Like I said before, Microsoft’s strategy was a very good one. Sony has confirmed that their Neo will not , I will repeat, will not natively handle 4k gaming. And in fact it’s design will do nothing more than the Xbox one S will do. That means truly that the Scorpio will indeed be the beast promised and the most powerful console in the world when it launches. The funniest thing is that Microsoft players will be able to get a system that does the same upscaling to games that the Neo is going to do but it will start at a crazy $299 price tag. This is what Microsoft was counting on and they played it beautifully. Make a system that is bettter than the ps4 for less money. Then make a system that is the best console over before sony even puts their console out to brag. But, you can bet that somewhere, somehow the Playstation fanboys will make themselves see things that aren’t there in order to feel like they have a better system. Will I be getting the Neo? Maybe. Not really sure anymore if I want a 4k gaming system over a up-scaled system. I’m just not thrilled with the whole “no exclusives” statements for either camp. If Neo was going to do 4k natively I would be more open to it. But if it’s only going to do what my Xbox one S is going to do for more money or even the same, what’s the point? I might just keep my old ps4 and of course get the Xbox one S. I haven’t really made up my mind as some much info changes. The only thing I know for sure is that Xbox One S is coming to Digitalcrack. All other directions are in the air.