Sony has released info about the Neo’s ability to run true 4k graphics. As you can tell above Sony has a lot of different issues above. They are throwing out all kinds of different technics and cover ups to up convert graphics. Fanboys are cheering but not will to admit that this above information only proves that the Neo will be weaker than the Scorpio. It also confirms that it isn’t a true 4k gaming system. Developers are having to manipulate all kinds of technics to hide the fact that the graphics aren’t native 4k. In fact developer are already coming out confirming that they have to lower resolutions to maintain frame rate. 

Bottom line is that all this info says that their Neo will only be a over glorified xbox one s but more expensive and a wannabe xbox Scorpio. Nobody is talking about this because it’s not popular to do so but it’s the truth. If this stuff would have been reversed Playstation themselves and their fanboys would have been sticking their chest out putting down Microsoft for coming up a a sub par 4k experience. They would have pointed out how much more powerful their console was compared to the Microsoft’s. And the media, wow.. they would have bleed through their fingertips writing about how, once again, Microsoft makes the same mistake by coming out underpowered compared to Sony if these stats above were on the Xbox scorpio. But this time it’s Microsoft with the superior systems. With price and function on the Xbox one S and the superior system in total power with full 4k native graphics in the Scorpio. 

Another thing to point out is that the Playstation Neo is only listing in at 2.3-t-flops compared to the massive 6 -T flops for the Scorpio. Basically you are talking about a system that is only slightly better than its original ps4. So any thought of this system being able to do what the Scorpio can do in terms of graphics is highly false. But we all know when the dust settles it’s up to the developers. This is where Playstation fans become hypocrites. When the Xbox one first came out they dominated the best gaming library but all ps4 fans claimed was that it was less powerful and therefore they had the best. Now this time around, I promise you, they will claim the opposite. They will say it’s because of the games that the NEO is better since obviously they can’t claim it to be more powerful anymore. World war 3-4 is about to happy in gaming folks. Be prepared for more lying hype talk, hate mail, and trolling.