Yes, yes, YES! That’s what I wanted guys! Thank you so much Microsoft! Nobody wanted to wait til the 31st of Aug if we didn’t have to. It’s also a awesome move with the release date of Neo being confirmed for the month of October. Baring any set backs issues with software, features, or mechanical failures this will be the best console for the money. Microsoft has done a beautiful job at counters and I think this move to release the final shipment day was something they wanted to hold back on as long as possible. Once Sony started releasing info on the Neo (for the the second time), they made their move. Now Microsoft and people who think for themselves know that it’s the best option now and in the future. This xbox one s is going to do all the things the Neo is going to do for less and more importantly…it’s going to do those things “Right Now”. Neo will up-convert games to 4k, Xbox one S will up-converts games to 4k but with HDR capability as well. Neo plays 4k movies, Xbox one S plays 4k movies. Neo will have a new design, Xbox one S has a new design. Then finally Neo is the best system Sony will have in the next 3 years whole Scorpio is Microsoft’s best system and the most powerful console ever made. Microsoft seems to be making very powerful moves to help take back the “United States “territory. But that’s all it will do. Playstation will still be the best selling console worldwide because people still assume their better and refuses to deal with Microsoft. This won’t change I’m afraid even when Scorpio comes out. If it does it will be the biggest upset in the history of console gaming. So if you buy consoles because others have said to do so or only because your friend has one then xbox systems aren’t the right fit for you. If you are influenced by what others say online or in person then xbox systems aren’t for you. If you think for yourself and use logic and reasoning the xbox systems might be your fit. If you don’t care about ours and stand on your own opinion, then Microsoft might be the best place for you. Nothing is promised guys with these systems in the end. Games have to be made to justify the hard work of both. The systems better not have defects issues on a high scale because they are being pushed out too soon without proper R&D. 

And the thought of handicapping developers to make them never make a exclusive game for the high end system needs to be revisited as well. Not all developers want to be FORCED to continue making games for a lower end model because of the money involved in splitting developments. I get why this thought was pushed, I really do. I for one thought it was unfair to bring a system out this fast. The Scorpio is really the only one that truly makes sense if I’m honest with myself, as this gives players at least 4 years on the market with the previous Gen. Both the Xbox one S and Neo were meant to be really placement holders or a .5 edition to the current consoles. However, the Xbox one S has possibly turned into a competitor of its own more so than the playstation system, as it removes the need for both the older system and makes a strong case to bypass the future one, especially of VR fails like I believe it will. Depending on how good the up-convert is for Microsoft’s slim system(which normally is outstanding) people will find it very hard to buy the Scorpio because all of the wow factors will be gone. 4k gaming, 4k streaming, and 4k movies are all going to be old by the time the Scorpio hits at the end of next year. And I don’t know if a “trade in program” is going to be enough to make people go out and rebuy especially if they stick to the “no exclusives” stance. $299 will get you all you need to experience 4k or at least up-converted 4k if you are fine with a 500gb hard drive. That’s why I believe the Xbox one S will be more important to the gamers than Microsoft thought at first(up until they saw the pre-order #s) and is the MVP of all the consoles coming out. It has the most to offer for the least amount of money and that makes it dangerous.