I wish people will stop making excuses and making up ways to try and make themselves feel better about their Playstation’s. Just get over it people. There is no discussion and no way to make up the differences that the Neo lacks compared to the Scorpio. Now if you want to say it doesn’t matter because one console has your games vs another I totally respect that. If you want to say that the Scorpio still won’t help Microsoft beats Sony’s worldwide sale numbers then I’m perfectly fine with that as well because these statements have truth to them. But to act like one isn’t more powerful is just stupid. All you are doing is proving how biased you are toward your console. Just be honest and let it go people. Sony isn’t the only console in the world and Microsoft isn’t some wannabe rookie company that doesn’t knows how to compete. They do, they know exactly what to do and they have the money to do it. Stop being surprise by this stuff guys. Microsoft set out a journey to make sure they would never be put into a position where they were lacking power and they are making this happen. They will be the best system for Vr because they will be able to produce real 4k graphics inside Vr instead of that pixelated wannabe half/half =1080p for Playstation Vr(if that matters to you). They also will be the best system for TRUE Native 4k gaming at 60hz, not just up-converted. This is by far the most complete dominate console ever to be introduced and this isn’t biased crap talk here guys. This is just the truth and if people can be honest with themselves they know it deep down. So in the end why does it matter? If you like another console for whatever reason then stick to it? It shouldn’t matter what the other console is doing as long as your console is delivering on the games you want to play the best. For me who can deliver on the best looking sport games and action games? I hate 90% of all indies. I can’t play first person shooters or swinging camera angles games for a long time. I love apps and add on’s that make connectivity easier and faster. I love stable Internet speeds and downloads. Finally, innovation, it is the quintessential feature I look for in companies, inventions and technology. So who does this better is my normal place of residency. I frankly could care less what the brand name says. Actions speaks louder than words.