As I look to the days ahead I see the future and it is bright. Endless possibilities are upon the horizon. I’ve had to make changes and sacrifices for a better future and it is almost ready to pay off. Microsoft’s new chapter into its gaming begins next Tuesday with the Xbox one S. 

Games like Watchdogs 2, Tomb raider, Quantum break, and all other first and thrid party games up-converted to 4k is going to be a sight worth waited on. Microsoft has set themselves and their supporters up for a great second life of their division. This entry will be better than the first and will soon start to push new and exciting levels to xbox gamers everywhere. On top of this all is the fact that this is only the beginning. The table will be set for the ultimate gaming machine next year, the Scorpio! But until that happens I happily prepare to welcome the best console on the market currently, the Xbox one S.

With this will come the haters. Playstation fanboys will gather in numbers to find flaws and all that happens. PC fanboys will continue to hate on consoles period because they can’t match the diversity quality of games. Media will also pit console against the other console in hopes to insight anger and fanboy traffic. Digitalcrack, will..I plan on enjoying games that I like. I leave the other games up to others. What I plan for myself is at most two consoles. It will either be Xbox one s with Neo, Xbox scorpio with Neo, Scorpio by itself, Neo by itself, or Xbox one s by itself for the foreseeable future. The bottom line is really that there is no room for the old consoles and I could care two monkey butts which choice it ends up being. I’m not ever going to let brand loyality cause me to be blind and or biased towards honest opinion about what is best for me and the games I like playing. Most importantly I will never let others online or in person tell me what to think or believe about the consoles or games. “I think for myself because I buy by myself”.