Well my ps4 is gone as of today. It’s been really good and all but this is the same point where I was with my Xbox one sell off. If the company is moving forward why stay? But while I wait here are some things I won’t miss about the ps4. 

Number one, at the head of the Pack, is the blasted controller need for power. I truly don’t understand the reason for a controller that doesn’t last all day at the very least. This thing spends more time on the charger than it does off. And with no way to change the batteries, all players are stuck with this choice and no other. Hopefully Playstation will correct this with the new Neo system. 

Number two is the chock point download speed limits. I have a blasted 100mbps signal running through my home and yet the ps4 chokes off at 32mbps or lower hardwire into my modem. It’s the absolute only system that pulls this lower number on downloads and then on top it takes forever to download simple updates like 4gb download or lower. Even my tablet on wifi picks up 3x faster. It’s really frustrating and very confusing to see this knowing you have the signal strength in you location and paying for it to boot. 

Finally the most frustrating and stupid concept I’m really sick of dealing with is the corruption during a power lost. At anytime you too can have a brick randomly because of a power lost. With system like the Xbox one it has a power surge protection built into the system. Why on earth the Playstation didn’t build one into theirs is beyond me. I’m just thankful none of these crazy power losses moments have damages the Playstation permanently. But I’m one of the lucky ones, as I’m sure there are stories of not so fortunate people who’s system didn’t get the same mercy.

So it is with a sad heart that I bid the Playstation world a much deserved rest and retirement. I await greatness with the Neo hopefully. If not then hey, it was fun while it last.