One of the main things that comes with hype is the disappointment of that hype. Sometimes it’s legit hype but most of the time it’s overblown hyped either caused by misinformation or media hype that just didn’t know when to quit. Every now and again a item is hyped just at the right amount and at the right time. This produces outright craze for the product. It sells out and becomes the status quo for all things needed to live your life in most people’s minds. So, which does No Man Sky fall under? Are you tired of hearing about it? Are you already feed up with the game even though you haven’t played one hour of it? Or are you just as excited as you were on day one? Have you taken off from work that whole week, broke up with your girlfriend, or divorced your wife just so you have more time to play? Which is it? For me, I’m in between. My main reason for this is, gameplay purpose. This game wouldn’t be played by me til the end. I already know it. No game too freaking long last with me. And this is the longest ever. The next concern I have is that it seems like it’s going to be the basic same game just colored different. One planet ice, one plane fire, sand, trees, rinse and repeat in different patterns. Also the same thing on every planet.. mine& gain resources to buy ship parts or suit parts, fly to a different planet….rinse and repeat. If I’m wrong, I would be more than happy to admit and join the hype monster. But this does seem like what most of this game is about, that and squeeze some very basic dogfighting in. If you are expecting ace combat in the stars don’t hold your breath. Last but no least, and probably the most important fact, Sony isn’t backing this game. Sony doesn’t give them time on stage during conference, no special custom console released, and absolutely no commercials to hype this game that most hyped up to be the greatest and best of all time. This tell me Sony has serious doubts about the games true potential and frankly most should too. But hey I could be wrong. But something tells me that 1886 The Order might finally have company in its rankings.