As the days get closer to launch of the Xbox one S I am starting to get concern. Phil Spencer originally made it very clear that the Xbox one S holds no advantage in gaming over the original Xbox one. Yet weeks after that they announced that the Xbox one S has both hdmi 2.0 for higher fidelity and upscale ability to boost games to 4k up convert clarity. I would love to see the latter. However, mixing the two facts together you could play on words. Phil Spencer has no real reason to tell people not to buy the Xbox one S if they think their games are going to be better unless he feels they won’t. So if games aren’t going to be better how on earth can you have them up converted to 4k and not be better? That’s a contradiction in itself. Someone is wrong and I don’t think its Phil. What Microsoft said is that it “supports” up converted 4k. This could just mean that if your TV or monitor does this the Xbox one S won’t prevent it. Not that the xbox one s is the one up converting. Supporting and actually doing are two different things. Another fact that needs to be pushed is the fact the LG TVs are said not to contain the specific HDR capability mode that the Xbox one S uses nor does Vizio. So a lot of people are going to be disappointed. HDR 10 is needed for the Xbox one S so if you have HDR …this doesn’t mean it’s HDR 10.. It could mean that the TV has HDR Dolby instead. More focus needs to place on this before it makes a lot of people mad. Maybe LG and Vizio will release updates to help this, who knows. In the end of the day we will have to wait to determine just what kind of difference is truly there but it might not be what we think it is.