Here it is folks. If you ever had the sneaky suspicion that the most hyped up game in the world of gaming just might be boring you’re fears seem to have come true. Thanks to kengi01(on youtube…vidoe was deleted it seems)who got the game early and posted over 2 hours of game of straight unedited game play with no cut scenes make you think there is some sort of amazing action waiting on you, you now can confirm what Sony knew and didn’t tell you. The game is boring! Look hats off to the developers. They made a ambitious game with very little help. It’s basically an hulk like indy game that falls short of a AAA title. On the surface it seems like this game could be a game that comes around once in a life time. But soon you find that you are basically doing the same thing over and over and over again. It’s actually really smart how they worded things about this game to make it seem really more exciting than it actually is. Once Sony got a chance to see the game in the fullness there should be no shock that they didn’t fund no one commerical to help sell the game. They didn’t even give them proper stage time or even talk about three game at E3. Think about it folks. Who would do such if they really thought this game was going to sell well and help them? Nobody in their right mind. But Sony saw what is shown above and quickly understood how boring this was going to be to the core gamers. Don’t get me wrong, there are people this is for. If you like cartoon graphics, OK with rinse repeat games, just seeking, collecting things and naming things , then this game is for you. For me this reminds me a ps3 game more than a ps4 game. It’s only so many times I can shoot a rock for compounds before I’m tired of it. In fact, here’s a challenge, count how many times this guy shoots rocks for compounds. And for goodness sake, when did “pop ins” become acceptable for gaming? I can’t tell you how many times digital foundry cut down a Xbox one game because they notice a small percentage of pop ins. This whole game is a pop in smorgasbord, yet people want to praise it? Why? It’s A Sony title. Lastly, this game is too long and big for anyone in a right mind set and has a life outside of videogames,to complete. Even the warp drive speed are incredibly slow. It would take your marriage to complete. And who on earth setup the aiming mechanics in this game? Horrible! If I was to sum up things for this game I would call it “The Great Rock shooting game”, because this is 80% or more of what you do on every single planet, in every single environment, and every other minute almost. It’s only so many times I can go shooting at rocks or scanning flowers before I seek a rope to hang myself.