Just when you thought Microsoft would show up and show out on this console. Just when reviews started to come in that showed promise. Microsoft had to be the first out and had to show up their competition. I worried about this and for good reason. I knew rushing out system would cause issues in quality. The Xbox one S is out and has shown to have some serious problems with its graphics card or display drivers. My system as well as others are showing what I call the “Blinking Display of Death”. The unit just blinks randomly for no reason. You can try the cables, different TVS,  different Monitors, and they all do the same thing. No sure the reason but it will force you have to either wait on Microsoft to even acknowledge there is a issue and fix or return the defective console for another in hopes of getting a working one. The blinking normal happens after a period of being off and when you turn it back on the first 5-10 minutes are full of blinking on and off display issues. Some have reported even getting snow screens and random color splashes. Bottom line Microsoft is in trouble if this reaches red light of death stages and this should have been avoided. Not sure where I’m going with this system now. Maybe I’m done period, I don’t know. All I can say is if you haven’t gotten this system I would hold off from it right now. 

Update.8-3-16.. Amazon is already sending me out another one even before I get the old one back out to them which is pretty cool of them. I have continue to play with different settings trying to figure out what is causing things. All I know is that is seem to always be based on watching 4k movies or steaming movies up converting them to 4k. Right now I’m going on 8 hours with no problems. The last thing I did was just turn off 24hz and 50hz options for video playback. I have tried just about all other things and the problem kept coming back. This is the only options I have tried where the issue doesn’t seem to be occurring. If I’m correct then it’s a compatibility issue not a hardware issue. My Samsung monitor though has 4k 60hz ability with 2.0 hdmi ports and is a 10 bit panel but for some reason it only comes up 8bit. But being this monitor doesn’t firmware updates in itself the only people that could make this work is Microsoft. But there isn’t a lot of people that have my set up so I highly doubt anything will be done about this. Plus if this is all behind with the checking off 24hz I’m fine. All my content plays 4k 60hz or up converts to 4k 60hz so I’m good if this was all fixed by unchecked 24hz. Stay tuned!