After exchanging my defective Xbox one S ,then confirming that only a few people had this video problem. I was able to review my New unit fully and take it through its pace to make sure it worked correctly so I could review it, I have that verdict. One word…amazing! It’s an amazing triumphant comeback by Microsoft. This is a company that has been led by one of the greatest leaders in tech history, Phil Spencer. He has grabbed this company’s console division by the horns and has placed it into the hands of the fans and most importantly listened to what they said they wanted and delivered on it. 

Even if you are not a fan of Microsoft’s you were respected by its leader. Even if you didn’t buy his system he bought yours and played it himself. Whoever finds fault in this is just a pathetic human being that needs help in their life. This man took what made the Xbox one bad and has flipped it on its head with this console. Got rid of thr bulk, the power brick, and returned to the old successful color of the 360. Not only did he flip it, he set a new standard for consoles with this launch and price point to boot. Where else could you find such a vast amount of technology, size, support, and push to the future starting at $299? 

It’s beauty is breathtaking to see. Everything played on this system, on the right tv or monitor, is just flat out peaceful and visceral at the same time. 4k movies, YouTube and Netflix are something you have to see to really appreciate especially coming from the ps4 really bad youtube experience in picture quality. I would be the first to admit that I didn’t grasp fully the range of beauty in 4k until now. And while the games that up-converted to 4k aren’t to the same level of beauty the 4k movies are they are still better than they were which for me shuts down the questioning of which console I would buy my third party games on until there is something truly better.  

In fact I challenge anyone to find a better package on the market. You won’t! Microsoft has delivered and fights for all who want them. They already understand that they can’t convince people to like them if they won’t. But they have embraced those who do and are committed to them and for that I say Thank you Microsoft! Digitalcrack with all its heart gives the Xbox one S a perfect 5 out of 5 Star seal of approval!