Microsoft should be very happy with themselves right now. They managed to make the Xbox one S the “IT” thing to have. People everywhere on youtube pushing out tones and tones of unboxing on the system. It reminded me of how things went for Sony during their ps4 release. People doing these videos seem really hyped up and very happy about getting and playing their xbox one S. From girls, to boys, to women and men, all have this Christmas morning look on their faces. In fact, shockingly, even the media is behind this one for some reason. Is it the 4k? Is it the white color? Is it because it has no power brick? Whatever it is I’m sure that Microsoft is very happy especially knowing that the best will be saved for next year while their competitors are stuck trying to just catch up with this one. Very, very good strategy if you ask me. This launch and system feels different and more pushed in Microsoft’s favor. Of this…most, I’m sure can’t deny. Even with a few hiccups on video issues I had as well as some others, Microsoft knows about and are already working on a update to correct. Bottom line they have no red rings of death for this system. Nothing really stopping the use of the system. Microsoft’s engineering team has yet again made a absolutely silent beast of a machine and it stays cool even after running it all day long. Basically what you looking at is the very best made system in terms of physics, power, features,cost, speed, look, and stability ever made to date. So I shouldn’t be surprised at the sure excitement around this system, nor should you.