Well it looks like the launch edition of the xbox one S is running out. If you plan on getting one you might want to do this now. It is said that Microsoft will not be building anymore launch editions 2tb models once they run out. Already it’s being reported in certain location that they are no more. Right now Amazon still has them in stock but I don’t know for how long. I personally didn’t think they would keep this price point for long being that they have a cheaper model on the way. This is probably why they released the top model first. So it doesn’t shock me to see they are not going to make this their top model on the shelf. Make really good sense to sell out these and make the 1tb and 5o0gb be the picks moving forward because there price point will put pressure on other that try and follow, namely the Neo. Genius move Microsoft, genius move. I guess the eBay prices will sky rocket after it officially sells out.