Well here it is guys. One of the most used and most praised affordable knife seen on reviews, the Spyderco Tenacious! Knives have always been a little love affair of mine. My wife and I both worked at a little store in Memphis called World or Knives before we got married. We loved flipping them open and cutting things at our leisure. The Spyderco brand was one of our favorite and most sought after brands sold there. They were razor sharp and beautiful. But since then I haven’t gotten a Spyderco knife. Not because I didn’t want it but I just never got back around to them. Well now I’m back and I remember the love affair I once had with them. I love the feel and fit in my hands. I love how easy it is to sharpen. I love how smooth the blade deploys and closes. Most importantly, I love the price point on such a amazing knife coming in at $38.

The shape of the blade is flat out what attracted me the most to it. I love fat bellies blades as you guys have seen. I had the Byrd Cara Cara 2 but the blade was too long looking for my taste. This one feel smoother and better in my hand thanks to a more heavier balanced knife. It has just the right amount of weight eveningly throughout the knife as apposed to a too light feel of a knife in the Cara cara 2. And once I added the zip tie for instant deployment out of my pocket it became unmatched totally for the cost and overall ability of the knife use. Now I have to find a knife for my wife that is just smaller than this and of course Spyderco will be where we shop. I would tell you to go get this knife but chances are you already have it.