So just days after I got the Spyderco Tenacious I saw the biggest challenge to its crown as the best Spyderco knife on the market, the Paramilitary 2. While I was still loving the Tenacious I felt that it was the best time to get another knife to truly justify which is the best. I didn’t want to get the Paramilitary 2 after the honeymoon was over on the Tenacious. I wanted to get it while it was fresh and new. 

The difference between the two are very noticeable. In fact the moment I picked it up and felt it in my hands I knew there was a big difference in quality and feel. As good as the Tenacious was in my hands the Paramilitary 2 was just that much more over it to my surprise. Both knives had G10 however only the Paramilitary had great quality G10. The grip was like night and day. The sharpness also was a different. The Tenacious was sharp but I could go across the blade slowly and not get cut. With the Paramilitary I tried to test that out and sliced through my thumb very fast. So it got a kiss from me straight from the factory. 

The metal it has seems to be perfect for it (s30v). It is a better steel than the Tenacious(13mov) and it will hold a edge better than it. It has a choke point on its blade while the Tenacious has none. Even better is the weight. It’s much lighter than the I thought. Of the two I really do love the lighter weight with the Paramilitary 2 vs the Tenacious. I honesty didn’t think I would before I got this into my hand. 

So when it’s over and done, the question is, now that I have it would I purchase one or both again. The answer is yes to both. I would buy both again if I had it to do it over again. However, if I could have only one, it would hands down be the Paramilitary 2. 

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