The reviews are in and its a bore fest! Its just not what most thought it would be after all the hype and “procedurally generated ” quote  concept got used more times than the planets that are in the game. So, before you ps4 fanboys go crazy trying to justify that it’s a exploring game or whatever you want to say to help save this game, I already know it’s a exploring game. The problem with this “exploring game”’s too repetitive and boring. And no, I don’t need to play it 10 hours to understand that the game is a very smoke and mirrors type of game. Yes you get all this different stuff to name like animals, planets , or flowers. However, after you have seen one planet you start to see the same patterns in each only a different color or theme. Mostly the issue happen from the same “shoot material..gain chemical” in every planet you visit. The same rinse and repeat cycle becomes very universal and boring after a while. And Sony knew this. Sony even got youtube to started pulling reviews that were negative from, even though they claim it was by mistake. Ign, surprisingly said it best with their review….

I’m for once proud of IGN as they have been strong hypers for NMS. But to see them turn around and say this leads me to understand just how bad of game it had to be for them to do this. But again I knew this was going to be the case when Sony didn’t even invest in a commerical for this game. This spoke volumes for me.  Ultimately what I believe is that this game makers came up with a concept on paper that was much bigger than the game itself. The idea exceeded the reality of the game and the ability of a makers. Even on the surface of the hype you had to know it really couldn’t be possible for a game developer with the indy game ability and greatest claim to fame was a game call Joe dangerous to all of sudden become EA Mass Effect level geniuses. It was just too much to expect with such a small amount of experienced team. It was a indy game that most thought would be a AAA game. So a 6 is still very good for this game because it put it at the level we should have expected from this developer. An indy game level product with Joe Dangerous level depth.