To most people that have both consoles or at least those who can honest with themselves, sport titles rule on xbox one. Everything from 2k basketball, Madden, fFfa, and even third party driving games, all feel and look better xbox one consoles for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the controller or maybe it’s just the way the color codex of Microsoft look in these games. Personally, I think it’s both. This year already the comparisons are hitting the net about the difference of the Madden 17 between the ps4 and xbox one. Fans of the Xbox one don’t see what the issue is because this has been the case for years and it hasn’t changed this year. For ps4 fans maybe it’s a shocking because yet again the perceived difference between the console don’t show its weight in proof. Year after year Playstation fans keep waiting on the magically year that thrid party games shows a real advantage over the Xbox one. But year after year it doesn’t and if you are a fan of sports it’s really disheartening to see the ps4 fall short of the graphics comparisons (at best tie if you push it in some cases but never exceeds )every year with sports games. My opinion is that these system have always been similar in power and the only magic happens with the developers willingness to use the tools given by console more than the hardware itself.