Well the day is finally here. The Xbox one S since it’s launch has had some little nagging issues that prevented one front totally relaxing about their new console. You really didn’t know if the Xbox one was defective or your monitor or TV was bad. Things with compatible TV and monitors plagued the launch and slower menus and other stability issues playing games all were in the list of things some people faced. While it wasn’t wide spread, I myself have dealt with different issues but nothing that stopped me from enjoying my games fully. Now that this update out I’m going to hope that even those issues are gone now. Right now things seem fine but again I never had consistent issues. They just sprang up in spots here and there. So I really won’t know the effectiveness of this update fully for the next couple of days. I will say the system seems faster than before though. For the rest of you out there hopefully this updates takes care of any issues you have so we all can get back to business and usual.