Well it’s been announced that Playstation will be raising it’s membership for online gaming $10 more. This puts the previous price of $49.99 on par with Microsoft’s gold subscription at $59.99. At first glance you would think that this is no big deal but then when you do so digging it is for Playstation owners. First off, as the system ages the natural step is to make things cheaper. This is the common step most all other companies take. But not Sony. Then when you look online the Microsoft gold membership is actually sold for cheaper and Microsoft always seems to run cut prices on it through the year. Even now you get a 12 mouth subscription for $36.99. But not Sony. Then we get to realibality. You normally pay for what you get. Microsoft hands downs has the biggest and best gaming servers on the planet. This allows them to be faster and more reliable for games and gamers. Again, not Sony. For some reason Sony has had this history of doing things like this once they feel they have nothing to fear. Their actions show that they don’t care about their fans in more than just this account. They think that because they have the numbers people will just accept whatever they do. And for the most part they do, I just wonder when enough will be enough for their fans.