Well, the Internet is all in a rage because Sony went around deleting people youtube videos that showed this unit. Why, because for starters they are embarrassed by the fact that they have a slim model after they lied to everybody saying their ps4 was slim enough for them. Secondly, it looks like a ugly smushed cheese burger. Now on the surface this might be all but I see deeper into this. For Sony to have taken these videos down means that they are legit. And being legit it means that this system most likely is the next system to be released and announced at their next event. Even deeper, it means that unless this is the Neo, which it doesn’t seem likely, then the Neo won’t be out this year. Even more sad, is the fact that if they don’t announce the Neo, the Slim model will be a useless failure and disappointment because nobody really wanted or needed a slim model especailly one that isn’t 4k ready. This is only put there because of Microsoft’s new slim beast. If they do announce the Neo with this system it will mirror exactly how Microsoft conference went which again shows fear and lack of creativity. All and all Sony isn’t going to have a very good end to the year, at least in the states if this is how they plan to move forward.