Well taking a page out of Playstation’s book, Konami plays video for graphics demo video using pc. The above picture isn’t what you will see using the Xbox one or ps4 version. The crisp clarity is more blurry than clear. Unlike the video they released that show intense realism and detail the demo show something completely different. Basically for me that Pes 2016 looked better overall than pes 2017.  The faces might not be as perfect as 2017 but the overall graphics in backgrounds and details shown on field is just better on pes 2016. Bottom line fifa will be the Game yet again. And just a note, Manchester United fans can kiss their team goodbye in pes 2017. They are no longer there, which makes no sense. Konami needs to get the licenses needed to make a great football game. They are getting better and better with gameplay and all but so is fifa. So when I look and compare, the graphics and real teams just still get the nod for me.