Motorola has been through a good deal of changes after its buy out by Google. These changes in some ways have been a good thing and in other ways not so good. However, when it comes to the headset department of Bluetooth they seem to be at the top of their game. Yes, I’m sure a lot of you use Bluetooth headsets and all if not most of you use those necklaces headsets. I myself can’t stand those things. I have always been the guy to look for more of a stealth like experience out of wearable tech. I need them small , comfortable and out of the way. At the same time I need them to last more than a a couple of hours and I need them to charge fast on the go. Lastly, I need them to project voices clear, both to me and to the person on the other end of the line. So with those basics you would be shocked to know how many headsets don’t deliver on this. 

They all either miss most or all of these basic points. They either are too big, too much of a standout, hurt my ears, low call quality, low battery, or too long to charge,etc,etc. The next step after the basics comes the needed icing on the cake. I need Google voice connection for all my question and I need that connection without a lot of steps and especially connected without ever picking up my phone. I need to either be voice activated or one button away from getting all questions answered. Lastly I need options. Options like fit options for gym use, office use, or driving use. Options like having multiple phone ability. Finally, I don’t want that huge blue blinking crap hanging off the side of my face. 

So, where oh where can I find such a beast. Well this is the answer, The Motorola Boom HX600! It has every single one of these request covered. I couldn’t believe how good this thing was. It took the place of the need for a smart watch, which didn’t work very well and when it did it died too soon. It simplified things and getting info from my phone without the need to ever really pull out the phone unless I wanted to watch something on line or look up a Web page. It even gave me a step that I didn’t think was helpful but now that I have it I dont think I can go back. It delivers on a simpler way to turn off the unit and turn it on. All you do is pull back the boom lever to turn it off and forward for on. No more having to take it off to look at the light to make sure it’s off. You physically know when it’s off or on. It’s sexy, lasted for hours, charged in 15 minutes, it’s small, and comfortable. It has all the features you would think would be for more than its retail $50 price tag and yet headsets that are more don’t deliver like this. It is a pleasure to have this headset and I highly recommend it to those looking for a Bluetooth earpiece. Digitalcrack easily gives this a perfect 5 OUT 5 STARS!!!!