Wow, it’s getting ugly for the No man sky game, and it’s getting there pretty fast. The game all ps4 fans wanted to brag about is turning into the next great 1886 game, or should I say the next “taboo” exclusive. Reports are coming fast about all the crashes and bugs in the game. But if that’s no bad, people all over are asking for refunds of their money, so much that they retailers are putting in place the possibility of giving it to them. I have never seen that happen. Lastly the game reviews scores are horrible. The hype for the game didn’t help any but I think mostly it’s because nobody ever really explained to people what it is that you do. Exploring planets is basically what this game is 90% of the time. People were told you could do more than that but you “more than that” is about 10% of the game. Rinse and repeat cycles kill this game. It’s only so long you can go before you reach your limit of shooting rocks and saying “wow look at the animal” before it all starts to look generic. I feel sorry for Sony’s flat tire again. They can’t all be Uncharted.