The Nitecore p10 is the very best all around flashlight I have ever seen or owned. It didn’t take long before this label was added to this light. After I got it unboxed and felt the perfect balance and quality in the use of this light I really only had one concern, the beam. I had flashlights like the m20 and the p12gt who’s luminosity was ranked at a 1000 and 300+ yards. 

This one however was only ranked at 800 lumens with 193 yards distance. So when the night hit I ran outside to see the truth. Surprising enough this p10 lite up the the front and backyard completely and as far as I can use in distance with the mh20 and p12gt it made the same distance. Granted I didn’t have a huge football field to test the yards distance but it fully brightened up the whole street from my house to the stop sign. Would the p12gt straight beam shine longer? Probably! But I was never able to use it further than this distance in any situation I have ever been in so it really didn’t matter. Next test was the easiest, the speed. How fast could I get to my light and have it ready for a defensive flash? No contest! 

The instant strobe button is, in my opinion, is the best function every place on a flashlight next to the Cree XM’s Led’s themselves. This button is the Ace in the hole and when you mix this with the size, weight, strikability of this unit and what you have is the best tactical carry flashlight ever made, hands down! Can you find lights that shine in a straight line for a longer distance yes but that same has a two hand need to do so or its not designed for tactical purposes or defense. Can you find brighter lights? Yes, but they are not this size with a instant strobe button function. No matter what angle you take there is no better light on the market than this light because it has the perfect balance of beam distance, lumins, and the fastest one hand defensive tactical advantage on the planet. This is the one light to rule them all as far as I’m concern and unless Nitecore decides to make a GT version of this Flashlight there will be no other flashlight purchased by me that I can see that will deliver on more. Nitecore this is one! 5 out of 5 stars!