If you are like me and actually enjoyed monitoring gaming over tv then you have seen this error if you tried to play through the new xbox one s. This screen gives you reasons why the Xbox one S and your monitor have show everything from lack of quality, flickering, flashing, and blinking off. Yes even if you have a 10bit 4k monitor the Xbox one S just doesn’t play well with the monitors with this systems 4k. You will never get the ability to play 4k and use fully the capabilities of the system as it stands to date.  Your only choice is too remove the resolution of 4k from the settings if you don’t want to deal with problems. 

Most of us that got this system didn’t get this system to remain at 1080p. Thanks to God, he gave a manager at a best buy a merciful heart about my 4 month old monitor and they gave me all my money back for storage credit and I was able to fix my issue by buying a amazing great deal out of the LG camp. Now I have perfect read out for all areas but 50hz which doesn’t apply in America. 

Now my Xbox one works flawlessly with my new 4K TV. I also now know that the one that I sent back wasn’t bad at all. It was always my monitor. I wish I knew that before I exchanged it, but hey …lesson learned. I’m just glad I didn’t freak out and return the Xbox one S thinking it was the system period. So for all who might be going through this your only solution right now is to use 1080p or put the system on a 4k TV with HDR 10.