Say it ain’t so, right? Well unfornately it is. The Xbox one S, while a blessing to have, lead to this change. Why? 4k monitors vs 4k tvs.The montiors on the market aren’t compatible with all the advantages the Xbox one S was designed to deliver on. So if one wants that advantage, one must use a tv instead of a monitor. Everything from flashing screens, error codes, and flickering are just some of things you might get while using the 4k monitors. Not to mention the biggest thing is that they don’t have HDR 4k Montiors at any affordable price if at all.

So I went with a Lg monitor. Why Lg? They seem to have the most for your money. It gave me the 4k and hdr support I needed along with a 50 inch screen size. It also has a plethora of picture customizations, more than any tv I have ever had and you know how much I love options. The big concern I have is that while my monitor was 60hz (true 60hz)..older 1080p led tvs weren’t. But as I have read the 4k Montiors are truly 60hz panels so I don’t have to worry about this. But just like with the first generation of hd tvs the war is now 120hz vs 60hz debate. My new tv currently is a 60hz and looks very similar to my monitor 60hz movement. But they do have a 120hz in the store for 50 bucks more with a smaller 49inch panel. Not sure if I should take that back. The biggest reason is because LG sent me a update that gave me Tru motion anyway, which is the engine for 120hz motions. So I don’t see a need. More than likely I won’t be but anything can change in 30 days.