Have you heard of the Oculus rift? Well most have. Why because it is the most prepared and advanced VR ever made. It’s been out for at least 6 months main stream. If you didn’t know this it’s because it has already failed. Nobody is adapting to this headset. Yeah sure people want to try it on because they were curious but when all the dust failed people just want to play games. They don’t want a lot of mess needed in order to set up gaming like wires everywhere, headsets, earphones, and different controllers for each hand. Playstation 4 when they first made their announcement said they finally get that gamers don’t want anything that puts boundaries from the immediacy of just playing the game. Well they must have forgotten this because the Playstation Vr is just that, a bunch of boundaries and junk needed to just play games. It will be a failure because VR has always been a failure. Especially now when all things are going to streaming and being seen(Vr prevents this). And if you aren’t streaming you are sitting on your butt on the couch or bed with a wireless controller after working 8-10 hour on the job. Nobody wants to deal with all those wires and hook ups and this big headset that in most cases take time and effort just to get it on. The Wii like game generation died and they haven’t learned from it. Finally, the worst thing and most obvious is that every one of the games for Vr are nothing more than extended tech demo games to help push the idea of VR. They are absolutely horrible generic basic games with zero depths into their gameplay. And any game you force to the Vr won’t look anything like it does your LED tv. The graphics will suck in comparison to Tv’s especially now that 4k displays are up converting things. Playstation VR only gives you 540p in each eye to force 1080p. But hey, have fun for those who doubt. Oculus rift is a dead conversation in only 6 months from its release and it is far more advance that Playstation Vr. It blows me away that people really think this will be different for Sony. It’s one month away and I have yet to see any real ads and commerical push for it. It reminds me of how Sony treated No man sky after they realized how shallow it was. Maybe after next week things will be different because unlike No man Sky they have put way more money behind this and they can’t afford to continue to bleed money.