I know a lot of ps4 fanboys don’t like talking about things like this but it’s just the flat out truth. With the right set up to include both hdr and 4k on the TV, the Xbox one can do things in gaming graphics that are superior to any console on the market. There is no more guess work or video comparisons needed when comparing third party titles. The Xbox one S delivers bigger and better. Trust me when I tell you that I haven’t seen better graphics in my favorite games ever in my life. Games I played for months on the ps4 pale in comparison to what those same games look like now. This is not opinions I speak. This is just facts. Use your head and be honest with yourselves. Any third party game upscaled to 4k will look better than those stuck at 1080p. This is just simple facts. If you find yourself trying to doubt this it’s only because you want to and are biasly stupid if you can’t accept facts. This has nothing to do with brands it’s all about sure facts. If things were the exact opposite I would say so. I don’t care who’s name is on the box and I don’t care who I truly end up or even if I end up with both consoles. I can be honest and truthful with myself and hopefully all of you can do the same. And come later this week we will find out if Playstation will rush out the Neo with the Slim and the Vr unit. Personally I don’t think this is possible and if they do I can almost guarantee they will fail in their efforts because something won’t be designed the way it should have because it was rushed. Bottom line, Microsoft has really stole the steam out from Playstation’s plans. If they come out with just a slim they need a $199-$250 in order to even make sense because you can buy a Xbox one S for $299 with 4k capabilities. If they rush the Neo same thing applies. Both system would be upscalers but the Xbox one S can be got for $299 while the Neo will have a much higher price tag and will cut away the sales of their own Slim. If they wait til next year for Neo they loose again because they can’t compete with the Scorpio and basically ends all talks moving forward of who has the best graphics from this point on. Microsoft has truly put the pressure on Playstation. And while they won’t be at them in worldwide numbers America might be looking for new champion of NPD sales.