Well it’s coming. The new iPhone 7 is headed your way with more battery power, more mega pixels, more colors, better graphic colors, and faster operations and Web speeds. Not exactly knock you socks off but it is what we are use to seeing with apple. Sadly nothing truly revolutionary. In fact the only thing that really was different but not unexpected was the wireless headbuds.

To its defense they do last for 5 hours and are touch sensitive, which is pretty cool. They come in their own charging pouch like all other wireless buds. Apple of course are saying they have some special chip that makes them sound great. I still don’t see buds ever being better than headphones for my taste. These however don’t come with the phone nor released with it. That, Apple wants $160 for come October while the phone comes out next week. You can start to pre-order on the 9th if you want a jump on things. Digitalcrack will consider getting a iPhone again and if so the unboxing will be here. 

Sadly though no new iPad. I was shocked about this and unless they do a special conference for it only I think the iPad days are coming to a end. But we will have to see. Bottom line is that Apple did their normal hype stuff. Talking about only the good things about each product. I found it so funny that they tried to make the Apple Watch a success based on its release numbers and didn’t talk about the 90% sale drop off once people started to see that it wasn’t all that. But hey, that’s Apple.