The new word in the room or should I say initials, is HDR. Playstation announced that these ugly little pancakes above are indeed their systems. But the biggest news is that HDR will be given to both versions of ps4. This is very big news for Sony and for fans of Playstation. As I said, if they couldn’t find a way to make this work with HDR they were going to loose big time in numbers, at least in America. Now with HDR on the table this seems to turn into what I thought, a price war more than anything. Sony still wants no less than $400 for only a 1 tb hard drive system where as Microsoft offered 2tb when they released for the same price. But upon it all, the BIGGEST stupid mistake is that the Playstation Pro will not include a 4k Blu-ray player for this same price tag!! What are they thinking? They really hope HDR is the only thing they need because their Sony. I’m betting my dollar that the real reason is because they are rushing this system to the market and can’t wait on 4k drives and deliver on them with the same price tag. So instead of waiting or at least admitting this they are doing their common tactics of telling people what they want and how to feel. The brainwashed fanboys will buy this hook line and sinker but those who think for themselves this will not be good enough. Your system is butt ugly, you don’t have a 4k player, and you are too expensive with less to offer to boot. Basically if all this turns out true Sony is being really stupid and I feel sorry for their fans. 


This is real folks. The Playstation PRO has been confirmed to not have the ability to play 4k movies disc. This is so stupid and beyond forgivable. How can a company that was involved in blu ray technology not include this in their system? I’m telling you all that this is a result of Microsoft’s crushing e3 event. Microsoft had a game plan and they played chess in their moves. They counter Playstation’s announcements before there were any announcements. They delivered big time and now that you see the fruit of their labor even more so now line up aside of Playstation Pro. It’s almost laughable when you look at what Microsoft gave for their price tag vs Playstation. But again you will find people justifying to themselves that this is somehow better and the direction they took was the right one.