I’m sorry but you can’t tell me that ps4 fanboys aren’t hypocrites! When the Xbox one came out all ps4 fanboys talked about was how big the console was. When Microsoft fixed that then they had to attack their judgement about announcing two consoles. Well fast forward today and what do you have? Sony duplicating the same things and yet crickets from the fanboys about their huge ugly big bulky system nor the announcement of two console at the same time being stupid. 

I am so sick of people justifying things for themselves but criticizing others for the same. If it’s a bad move then call it across the board. Look at that thing, it looks like a old school turntable. You can tell Sony really thought this thing through,…not. Oh and the little fanboys of IGN that do the streams are the worst. It is pretty much unanimous that this system is butt ugly but they claimed it’s nice looking. The same people that claimed that No man sky was the greatest game ever and fought to defend it on camera but we all know own what happened in the reviews. They are blinding by newness and can’t accept things for what they are. And why should they, they’re fanboys. They just can’t accept that this system is nothing more than a 1tb UPSCALED 4K system for $400 without even the ability to play 4k blu rays discs. In basic terms, it’s a  Xbox one S without the ability to play 4k movie disc with less room for storage and yet more expensive ….THAT’S IT. But fanboys and Sony will try and spin this to be something more than this in graphics and in features or looks, when it isn’t. All they showed was what upscaling does to the picture. It’s the same upscaling on my Xbox one S but yet I have a better, more complete system. It’s so sad to see people try and make something already being done into something that the world hasn’t seen with a bunch of technical terms to try and convince you that they have something more than everybody else when in fact they have less. 

So should you buy this? If you are a Sony fanboys I guess you would have to because this is it. There isn’t going to be a other system for about 2-3 years or so. I know I’ve said that I would be getting the Neo but I need to rethink things through a bit now. It’s really not looking good or smart to buy it right now. But I would still say for those who have a 4k hdr tv and love Sony this has to be purchased unless you plan on coming over to xbox one s. If you can wait however I would say skip it and wait on Scorpio.