Let’s get this out of the way fast shall we?  Listen very carefully fanboys. THE PS4 PRO CAN NOT , I REPEAT, CAN NOT PLAY GAMES IN “NATIVE” 4K! At least Playstation’s own website is confirming the truth as shown above. So really all this stuff is coming from the media fanboys and gaming fanboys. People saying that this system can do 4k gaming and the Xbox one S can’t are dead wrong. Both systems ONLY upscale games to 4k resolution. The ONLY system that will be able to do Native True 4k resolution is the Scorpio and this is why Microsoft told the world that it was very evident that the Ps4 Pro is weaker than the Scorpio because it absolutely is the only console in the world that will do Native 4k resolutions. Basically in the nutshell the Pro isn’t even better than the Xbox one S much less the Scorpio. The Xbox one S gives more, delivers on more options, and all for less. I hope this helps people but more than likely it won’t because ignorance rules this world and common sense is the new genius.