Look there is no doubt for Playstation fans that they will be getting this system if they have a 4k HDR tv. However, the push for this system has been delievered falsely. Like always the kings of lies and deception, Sony, has done their normal thing of deceptive words to hide the truth. People that weren’t brainwashed by Sony prior saw right through the key words and tech terms they used to describe the systems ability in terms of 4k. What the avoid saying is that their system is a 4k up-converter without the ability to play 4k disc. 

They show 3rd party games in the mix to make people believe that somehow these games up-converted look to 4k is strictly with the Playstation system. What they don’t discuss is that this same up-convert ability isn’t the first or only system to do this. This ability was first introduced by Microsoft and is on their currently already out system, the Xbox one S. Games like NBA 2k17 and Forza horizon will support HDR on Xbox One S. Most importantly the same games they showed up-converted by the Pro system will be upconverted by the Xbox one S system when it comes out for it. This isn’t some exclusive game or feature only on the Playstation systems. 

So Andromeda, Watchdogs, Call of Duty, and any other game that is released for third party distribution will all be equally up-converted to 4k on the Xbox One S along with HDR ability if present. So let’s stop the lies before they grow any bigger shall we. Sony’s lies and deception are just too much. But when other companies help them further these lies without just coming out and telling everybody, “oh if you have a Xbox one S it will look this good too”,it isn’t fair to gamers and creates distrust. EA, Ubisoft and any other developer that don’t come out and flat out says this and only push one format as if it’s only for that format needs to be ashamed of themselves. If you buy a Xbox one s or have one, guys our systems will be fully prepared to take advantage of the new options in games for up-converts to 4k and HDR. Don’t believe the lies and deception. Remember who you are, a generation that thinks for themselves not lead blindly by false words and hyped up numbers. When Microsoft said the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made they told the truth. And right now the Xbox one S is that system today even after the Pro’s announcement.