How many gentleman still wear pocket watches? Not very many. It’s a classic style that has been lost in the eyes of most. Now today’s watches are more digital and or smart than anything else. But for me, the classic look of pocket watches were never forgotten by me. I wanted so badly to get one for myself for years but never could find one worthy. Either it was too small, too cheap, ran by batteries, or had a pathetic quartz movement. So I never found the one for me. My beautiful and wonderful wife, unbenounced to me, had been searching for as long as I had and when I stopped a couple of years back she kept searching. Today the search is over and the watch is mine. It’s a 17 jewel mechanical movement pocket watch. It’s face has the moon dial, the Roman numerals layout, the classic white background with the skeleton see through design to show off the gears. It has that needed solid weight feel instead of that hollow feeling. It opens up in the back and best of all it has the code of arms Shield that I richly desire. This watch is not at all cheap as you can see and fulfills every wanted feature I had hopes for without giving me one single thing I didn’t. Basically the watch she found was perfect for me. She also wrapped things up with a time poem and break down of every moment we have ever spent together in seconds,  minutes, hours, months,and years! Just simply put I’m the most blessed man on the face of the earth to have such an amazing wife and marriage. Through all things, good times and bad, we have still remained focused on one common goal… God. Without him we would not be. I hope others out there may one day have someone that completes them like she does for me if you have not found them yet. Digitalcrack’s gives this watch a perfect 5 out of 5 stars (of course)!!!!