What comes to mind when you see amazing details and perfect lighting like this? Well I know what comes to my mind when I see it. Thanks goodness I got a Xbox one S! Exclusive games have been denominated by Microsoft this year while games like No Man Sky is put down by everyone even Sony themselves. For people that aren’t biased they are all starting to see that Microsoft has done a amazing job at their turn around. They have went from a company criticized to a company of respect and even feared by Sony themselves again. They are dominating things and are supporting their fanbased wholeheartedly. They listen to fans and they deliver on features and anything else that makes their system better. 

The best thing about all this turn around is that prices continue to be the best on the market for value. While Playstation continues to show games that aren’t coming this year with higher prices and less features, Microsoft is delivering on exclusive now and later this year with the best value at the lowest cost. 

If you think back to the announcements Microsoft made and the impact this has over everything that is known now about Sony’s directions and hardware power, what you have is a checkmate. Microsoft in every way with xbox one s makes their system the best console on the market today. Later once the Playstation Pro comes out it will still be the best value and basically the exact same system as both the Pro and S only upconvet 4k gaming, but… only the Xbox one S has 4k disc playback.