Delta had to make a emergency landing because a Samsung tablet on the plane started to overheat and smoke while just setting there in the magazine fold. Samsung tried to twist this into issue with the tabelt being in tight spaces but that’s not it. Samsung’s hardware has had problems with them overheating in my experience. Ever since the latest big Google released software both my Note 5 and my Samsung Galaxy tab 2 overheat and become extremely hot for no reason at all. It’s not from using it a lot or even from the screen being on too long. My phone and tablet randomly decide to overheat to the point that it burns my hands to use it. Someone needs to fix this stuff and enough people need to talk about it in order for it to happen. I even accept that this might just be a Google software issue but bottom line the Samsung brand seems to be effected the most. My Note 5 is being traded for a iPhone 7 plus soon because of this. I wanted to got back with a samsung 7 but we all know the type of problems they are having as well. Next will most likely be my samsung tablet for a iPad.