Well, I’m back with the iPhone. The first smartphone ever purchased and the real reason I decided to open up blogs. Apple opened up doors for me to write about my gadget addictions. It all started with the original iPhone. As fate would have it, after about 3 years removed, I’m back. I never once thought I would end up back with an iPhone. Samsung has so many things going for them that Apple didn’t that the thought was just not something I would have considered. Well, all that changed because of the Samsung problems with both the OS and or Hardware. Which one is more responsible? I have no clue.  More importantly, I don’t have time to wait while they figure it out. Hence the iPhone plus 7 is here with digitalcrack. 

So what are my thoughts now that I have switched? Well, being that I haven’t had an iPhone for years I didn’t get a chance to experience the bigger screens. And I have to say that this makes the switch so much more enjoyable that I thought previously. I didn’t really know what it would feel like once I started using the phone and typing on it. Now I do and I have to say that it’s amazingly fast and smooth as butter. Coming from the Samsung Note 5, this slightly bigger iPhone 7 plus is a real joy and it didn’t take anything at all to feel right at home. The speed of the OS is still the best in the smartphone world. This I remembered last time I was with apple. So it doesn’t surprise me that it’s still the same now. 

Next up was the accessories. This was the area I missed the most. Samsung is the second most utilized company for accessories but Apple is the king. I love having so many choices for outstanding looking cases, docks, headsets, etc. Wherever you go in this country iPhone accessories will be something you will not find lack of. I hated not finding the Very best when I had other phones while the iPhone had a plethora of them. 

Lastly the most concerned thing was the screen graphics. This was something I held my breathe for. I already knew it wasn’t going to be the same level of Samsung’s Quad HD OLeD displays. But I knew I couldn’t do a 720p screen anymore. Thank God Apple delivered on the plus 7. It’s screen is very crisp and the colors are the best ever seen on a iPhone to date. The differences are there but not by a great amount. And I will take that over a overheated bomb ready to go off in my hand or on a plane. It’s gotten so back for Samsung that even airline are warning passengers that they can’t even turn on the samsung devices while in the air. So leaving them for Apple was a no brainer, especially with the amount of flying my job requires me. 

Overall this has led me to give the IPhone a 4.5 out of 5 score for digitalcrack.