The iPhone 7 plus seems to be the talk of the town lately. I was surprised about how many stories like mine were being posted on the web about Android users leaving the fold to go to Apple. Most of them were from users of the Samsung smartphones. The problems they are having is causing a lot of followers to abandon ship. So why not just get another brand of a android? Well, this is because the iPhone presented such a strong case about them being the best choice that really it comes down to them if not Samsung. The nexus brand has lost its steam and the Lg camp seems to be focused on the Tv market more than the phone market. The thing that stand out is the fact that the Apple IPhone 7 plus is the most android like feel than Apple has done in the past. The bigger screen and higher pixel count helped those of us that are use to the the Super Amoled screens accept things on the Apple side. The added features and speed that have always been the ace in the hole for Apple now becomes the icying on the cake for the android users looking to jump ship.

 To be honest any android users always knew about the iPhones superior speed and ease of use. However without the graphic and the screen size it just wasn’t worth it. Now it is! Now the pot is sweet enough for us to see the benefits and enjoy them fully. Sitting here in sure amazement over the battery life I have with this phone and the internet speeds along with the wifi speeds that I never had close to with the Samsung and android camp, I’m forced to see something that I haven’t seen in years. I’m forced to see that Apple has the best phone ever made to date yet again. With the original iPhone, it was easy to see it was superior but after the 2 or 3 years of the iPhone’s reign the innovation started to lag behind slightly at first and then grew bigger as the years went bye. But now this is the first year in a long time that I have ever seen that all things came together at the right time. This thing is beautiful and slick. Fast and yet precise. I can use this smartphone faster than I have ever used a smartphone in my life. I can type faster and more accurate. I can get to where I want easier and faster than ever before. The Apps available are sickening advanced over its android counterpart. Everything just works, and works well. I can see no thing that this phone does, that I need it for, that it doesn’t do superior to android. This is by far the easiest transition between a product line I have ever had. When I did this with android it was way more complicated but going back to apple felt like second nature. More to come from this little adventure!