I love having things different from others. I hate just having things that everybody else has. I love changing things to set me apart from others. I wanted something sophisticated and yet good for protection. I didn’t want bumpers or next to nothing cases that basically give zero levels of protection. So I found two cases that I went with. This is the first one, the second won’t come in until next week. This case is faux leather not real leather though, but it’s by Jack Spade. It’s known for its classic business like look. It goes well with my leather jacket and my leather messager bag. I think it’s a perfect style for business days. The second one I bought will be better fit for hang out days and I will show that when it gets in this week. For now it’s this bad baby.
Beyond its sexy business looks it contains a area for the credit cards and licenses you may need on your daily transit without the need to carry that huge wallet. I thought this was a nice addition to this case. It wasn’t even why I got the case and didn’t really know about this feature until I was already in line to pay for it. So what does this fashion case cost? $49.99 is the price tag they requested. Is this a lot? I think in most cases it would be. But after having this case for a day or so I can see quality in it. I can see how well it holds my phone and protects it. On top of this I notice that all other card holder cases are much thicker but not this one. You normally can spot them from a distance. But not with my case. My case doesn’t show that it holds cards nor doesn’t it shape make you consider that it does. This makes me more comfortable about having it and not drawing more attention than normal. I would think with the other cases if people saw them they would be more interested in getting that phone because they know they have credit cards also. Honestly, with mine they might not ever check unless they know about the case itself and I have a better chance at getting my phone back without my cards being charged as well. Overall I give this case a solid 5 out of 5 stars for Digitalcrack! I see nothing that the case could have delivered on better. More to come soon.