This button that isn’t a button is actually a tactic feedback that is designed to fool you into thinking that the unit is pushing down like a button but it isn’t. It’s something that Apple bragged about but others as well as myself didn’t really buy the hype around it because it’s impossible to explain. This feature has to felt. At first when you feel it for the first time everything in your brain will tell you that the bottom moved down when it didn’t. It will then take you a couple of days to really allow yourself to think about the complex hardware around this thing because no matter what you know it still feels like the button or bottom is actually moving down and up but it’s not.  It’s truly amazing to have such a powerful and smart designed piece of technology inside your iPhone. You can start to see all kinds of possibilities open up to developers to use this hardware in games and in apps. 

Such a thing put inside the iPhone 7 makes me forgive the absence of the headphone jack. I even see that I would have done the same thing. It’s truly a pleasure to use this phone with this feedback. I think this is a very underrated addition to the iPhone lineup moving forward. I can’t wait to see all the ways this will open up apps being developed for iPhone. At the end of the day I’m still being blown away with the level of quality this iphone 7 plus has. I can truly say that I haven’t had a more advanced or powerful smartphone ever. I just can’t believe I’m saying this coming from years with Android but it’s the truth. I went into this thinking and preparing to deal with lack coming from the Android Samsung Note 5 but this is not the case and I’m still trying to get use to this. More later guys on my iphone 7 adventure.