Look, I’m not immune to the Apple laughs. Fanboys in general make me laugh. It’s one thing to like a your product but it’s another not to be realistic about it. Flaws should be flaws not excuses. Praise should be praise not exaggeration. Coming from android I can be honest even surprise about my results of having this iPhone. And one area I am the most surprised and impressed about is the battery life. I can believe how much juice I am getting out of this thing. Even today at 9pm I’m not even at the halfway mark yet. I’ve used the phone very heavily this afternoon and consistently this same morning. I was not getting anything like this with the Samsung Note 5 I had prior or any other android phone prior. Whatever Apple did with this unit works and works well. It’s everything they said it was if not more. But I see other sites reporting the opposite. I can’t believe that I have the only great battery life unit. In fact other positive reviews confirmed the battery life love like me. So to find some sites promoting that the unit isn’t very battery friendly baffles me. Maybe it just hate or something, I don’t know.  But I know for sure it’s great for me. So I really can’t report anything less. I had one guy just flat out say that the iPhone 7 was just not liked by him. He never used one or really looked at one yet his opinion exist as if the iPhone and him were in a past relationship that ended wrong. Yet..he couldn’t wait to tell me about his android phone prior. I respected his and didn’t turn away from it as if shown something vale and grotesque.