Introducing the new Google phone, Pixel. It’s googles new line up replacing the Nexus. It takes on Apple’s IPhone 7s.  It has google assistant built inside it, making a more  personable search engine that beats Siri to the punch. 

This is the first device with Google Assistant, a conversational, contextually aware assistant that will help you through you day.

It contains a battery that can be charged from 0-70% in 15 minutes. A fingerprint scan on the back, a headphone jack(conveniently pointed out), and the best rated camera ever put on a smartphone, according to Dxomark Mobile. Storage wise, it comes in two version, 32gb or 128gb. But Google does promise unlimited online space for all pictures and videos exactly how they were taken, in full Pixel resolution even 4K. This was very impressive, admittedly. 

But what about the screen? Well, unfortunately there’s nothing to brag over Apple’s phones, at least not against the 7 plus. Both the Pixel and IPhone 7 plus have only 1080p screens. So if you are looking for bragging rights about that against the top contenders of Samsung/Apple your are out of luck. Then the shocker, in the 2016 , the year of the waterproofing, it comes up a little short. The Pixel can take only very minor water sprinklers. So I wouldn’t think it’s something you would want by a pool or bathtub. This was, I will admit, shocking being that the unit has no home button like the iPhone, where water could easily get in. 

Finally the unit, like all others comes with the advantage of having the latest and greatest OS from Google at all times. Nougat is the latest and it will be on the phone for your loving pleasure. You can get all of this for the same price or rent payment of a iPhone 7. So choices are growing for the smartphone lovers. And choices always promotes better competition. Maybe this is the answer to the growing failures of Samsung’s Android lineup. Maybe now you can have Android without hardware blowing up or overheating, unless the problems are with the Android OS itself. Then it wouldn’t matter what brand of phone you have. But regardless, just be honest with yourself.. it will still fall short of the sure scale in numbers of the iPhone 7 that go out the doors. Android is android and IOS is IOS. They don’t attract in the same ways and frankly aren’t meant to. Android will never beat Apple in the things Apple is strongest in and Apple will never beat Android in the things they are strongest in. Just Accept it! 

Correction: Google does have a quad HD option($$$$$)which does give it some Bragging rights!!