The IPhone! Love it or hate it, it’s still the most copied designed in smartphone history. It’s become the standard since day one and nobody has seemed to come up with anything better. Or should I say “tried to come up with anything better”. Every smartphone released in one way or another has the same blueprint design as Apple. 

Even the latest Google Pixel phone still can’t stop being like Apple. On front they still have the remnants of that same blueprint Apple made an icon years ago. It’s like these companies are either lazy or just have nothing new to offer. Yes, they will put little things on the phone to try and justify them trying to be different like this back fingerprint button but when it’s all said and done that button still was first seen on an iPhone.

 Call it what it is, a rip off. It’s a shame that a company’s hard work can be blatantly ripped off and soon it’s just something everybody does and nobody seems to care to stop. Don’t get me wrong I really love some of the designs of Samsung phones. And truth be told I wouldn’t have a IPhone now if it weren’t for their overheating and battery drain problems. But even while owning an Samsung Android smartphone I always knew and accepted that they ripped off Apple unapologetically. I knew there was a level of design never reached by Android. I knew that lag was something I would see in some way or another with android but not Apple because their IOS was more secure, faster, and more stable. I also knew that to date there was no better seller of a type of smartphone than the iPhone. These were just facts that could never be ignored regardless of biased brand views. Has their grip loosen on the smartphone % ownership? Yes! But having a loosening grip of a once 60+% ratio is still huge. So I ask …when will we see a truly different design? When Apple decides to make one and reset the standard again? Or will someone have the balls to do it before them and carve out their own path?