Just when the android smartphones thought it was safe to come out and play at night, Apple goes ahead and turns on the street light. It’s time for android to go back home, at least for the Google Pixel. In the latest Geek Benchmark test both single and multi core test were dominated by Apple. It’s just proving it is far superior to the latest Google phone. While the iPhone 7 still sells out everywhere the Pixel has yet to hit and it’s already obsolete. This can’t be good for the android camp. It’s also added to a long list of reasons people still prefer their IPhones and many android fans l,like myself, have left the android camp in favor of the iPhone 7 plus.  

Google still has the best camera based on that one website and all but when it’s all said and done, it’s more about performance during everyday usage more than camera shots for me. And so far this beast has no substitute in performance and sure ease of use. It’s so well made and the software is so intuitive it’s scary at times. As I wrote before, there are a lot of people that copy designs, Apple has theirs, others should create their own, not things that are just spinoffs of Apple products.