Well,the days of testing my new iPhone 7 plus has lead me further down the rabbit hole. I got the Apple Watch to go along with the iPhone. Why? Price is the easiest answer. Spending $400+ never worked for me on a smartwatch. I will spend that or more on a real watch but never on a smartwatch. The sure movements and hand crafted work that goes into a real watch like TAG, Omega or any Swiss made watch far leads in quality over any smartwatch on the market. So when I saw I could get Apple watches for $218, that worked well for me. It also helped that God blessed me a unforeseen $100 credit for Best Buy based on a Clarence that happens after I purchased my 4K tv. 

So now I have a this gorgeous tandem. The iOS works perfectly with the two. Yes I’m late to the party as my watch is a series 1, but I just could see spending more nor did I like the huge size difference of the series 2(looks like a swollen tick). And what I’m getting with series  one is nice enough. Now I’m just trying to decide if I should keep it or not. While it’s nice and all I just can’t stop that feeling that I should be getting something different. The main reason is that I love my pocket watch and other expensive watches too much. I really don’t know if I want another one to split up my wear-on’s because wearing two watches would be just stupid. But for what it is it’s helpful at times. I’m just setting here looking at a Samsung tablet that overheats and thinkig about how good a iPad Air pro 2 might be in its place vs Apple Watch. Decisions, decesions. Some will say I don’t need a tablet now that I have the 7 plus, others will say the opposite. Some will say that the Apple Watch makes more sense because I don’t have a smartwatch. Others will say cut my loses and focus on the tablet. I will decide soon.