Well the experiments proved that the original concern I had with the Apple Watch held true. It’s gone in a favor of the IPad Air 2. Why? Because it served no purpose for the price it asked for. Basically, I had three things the Apple Watch could do for me. It could make calls, give me access to Siri for text messages or questions, and finally tell the time. The problem with this is that my Bluetooth earpiece does these same things without me consistently having to pull my arm up to my face and taking my eyes off of something I’m doing. With my Bluetooth ear piece I never have to take my eyes off the road or anything else I’m looking at. It reads me back the info and listens to my voice through Siri. Better yet it doesn’t cost $200 to give me these options. So my money wasn’t really well spent on this product, so it’s gone. 

The iPad Air 2, while not the latest, is still a needed item over a Apple Watch, especially with my Samsung tablet overheating. It’s also the first big tablet I’ve owned. Is it something better than my iPhone? No! I still prefer the feel of my iPhone over tablets. In fact it’s the first smartphone I have ever had that made me feel like this. In the past the tablet was first and then my smartphone. But my iphone 7 plus size and it’s feel truly makes things just the way I would have it and the best of both worlds.