Wait for it, wait for it… bam! This is what gaming is about guys! I mean look at these screen shots of games that PlayStation site had the guts to manage to give 7 out of 10 on reviews on.  

Omg what a freaking joke. Are you kidding me???You actually are trying to push games like this or should I say tech demos like this as legit games that try and define Vr as anything but a gimmick. PlayStation wants so bad for VR to work and it doesn’t. 

They have gone so far off the radar that they have a sex game basically where you punish the little girls on the screen while they moan sexually. This…this is what PlayStation believes in?? It’s pretty pathetic to see a company like Sony deliver on such a desperate push to try justify Vr. It’s a joke.. I’ve said it before and continue to say it now. VR isn’t working for PC after releasing it on their format and it won’t work for consoles. For those of you who were fooled into buying this crap I hope it’s worth it for you but the true gamers won’t be satisfied with this below mediocre gaming just to have it on a inside screen close up on ones face.