Microsoft is playing the game right it seems. They are enjoying yet another victory in Amaerica over their rivals, Sony. For the 3rd month in a row Microsoft has been top dog in sales of their consoles vs Sony in the U.S. To put things in prospective, this is the first time this generation that they have ever won 3 months in a row since the release of the PS4 and Xbox one. Now this doesn’t mean that they are beating Sony worldwide, that ship sunk a long time ago. But I don’t believe Microsoft believes that should be the goal anyway. I think all along loosing in America, their home, hurts a little more than worldwide sells. It’s like Microsoft beating  in Japan. It’s just not something that you want to happen in your own backyard. All their hard work and all the things they fought so hard to put into motion is being seen and appreciated by gamers in Amarica. It’s even been seen in the U.K as sales have picked up their too. But the real test will be what happens when Sony releases their PS4 pro. Will people jump on this and leave the hard work Microsoft has done behind or is this just the beginning for Microsoft? Time will tell. The one thing I think they have above all things is their games. They have proven this year that they have the most diverse game lineup and best exclusives. Along with that is the prices. That combo makes it hard for any company to defeat, even Sony. But we will have to wait and see.