Well it’s time to take the leap. Apple says Bluetooth is where we have to go, so I guess they are right. I’m only kidding, but seriously with no jack I guess it was time. I had heard so much about this earphones that I actually got sick of hearing about them. They have recently released another version of these but with that comes higher cost. So I decided to take advance of this because as far as sound quality the newer ones weren’t better, most say that they are the same in that department. So I found no need to spend more for looks when earphones are about sound. So I got the Jaybird X2’s! There were the white ones and the black there so I went with the black. The package was really nicely put together.

It came with a bunch of attachments that are very diverse as with most high end earphones. I will say that at first tries of these attachments almost made me give up and take back the earphones because I couldn’t get them to fit in my ear or seal right. I tried every size almost before finding the right one. But by the time I got to the right one my ears were burning and I was just almost fed up at that moment and didn’t want anything else in my ears. My ears seem to take to the regular plastic medium heads over any other one(like shown in the pictures). When I gave my ears a chance to heal up from all the friction I got the perfect seal and fit and was blown out of my mind. I didn’t expect them to beat every earphone I owned today past or present. But blow them away it did. The soundstage and the crisp sound with the perfect bass and thump I love was way more than I could have hoped for especially from a Bluetooth earphone. I always hear people say that the sound quality isn’t as good because it’s Bluetooth, that’s a lie folks, I can tell you that right now. This is the best I have ever experienced and at $79.99 it destroyed my $100, $300, and even my $499 earphones and headphones. Technology is just getting so much better these days. Now granted my headphones and earphones are old and at that time their quality was not found anywhere else. But now with technology being better I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at this accomplishment at a more affordable price tag. That and the fact that there are newer versions on the shelf helps that price tag too. 

So who would benefit from these earphones the most? I would say first anyone that is ready for the Bluetooth jump for music. At $79.99, this is a steal. You don’t need to go buy the $300-$400 beats to experience amazing bass and crisp vocals. Next is the person that loves a great sound stage. The sound stage is second to no other headset I have experience to date. The level of different sound directions is superb and really is the standout that makes all this connect. Just having good bass without crisp vocals is not what makes it work. Having both crisp vocals and deep bass without a great sound stage is worthless.  In fact a great sound stage can make up for lack in other departments. But with this x2’s you have it all wirelessly and for 8 hours.  Basically everything from Dave Mathews Band to Sia and then from G-easy to David Gravell and Skrillex, you will be taken care of. Yes I’m late to the party again but if you are too, get up, get off your butt and get these earphones. 9.7 out 10 I give them…only because not all ears will work with them and they are not easily inserted and they stick out and not flush.