Well if you can’t tell by now the iPhone 7 plus has become my favorite new gadget. I have added a new case, tough armor silver by Spigen. Spigen is a well known company for its cases. They have been in business for a while now. iPhones seems to be their favorite. They make for all sorts of other brands but the iPhone brand seems to be the one they have more styles for. Once I got this gorgeous case to match the phone’s amazing looks I had to max out the screen protection.

Next I got the glass invisible shield. This is a glass protector for the iPhone. It’s better than the plastic ones. I felt that I needed to make sure my phone didn’t hit the ground and shatter on a rock. So now with the case and glass in place I have a pretty well protected combo. 

With the iPhones water protection added to the combo, we have a very sexy beast that I have little to nothing to worry about as far as damage to it. Overall I really like everything. It’s a pretty much complete package. Hope you guys like it.